After posting the video Facebook Payment Not Working in India, many people reached out to me with Instagram payment issue.

One person told me that he has an active ad account but he cannot pay for ads. Here is the screenshot he sent me:

You can see a red error displayed in “Payment” option. He told me that he could not add any credit card or debit card.

Another person told me that Instagram accepted her card at first, but rejected it later due to the same issue. Now she is facing this error:

Since she cannot add any card to pay the due amount, she is stuck on this step.

In this article, I am going to show you how to solve this issue.

First, I’ll show you how Instagram should work even if your account is disabled because of dues or policy violation.

Then I’ll tell you the root cause of this problem.

Then I’ll show you what you need to solve the issue.

Finally I’ll give you a step-by-step solution.

Wanna watch a video instead?

Watch this:

How Instagram works even if your ad account is disabled.

In an ideal case, even if your Instagram (or Facebook) ad account is disabled, Instagram should still give you an option to change the ad account.

Let me show you how.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go your Instagram profile and click on promotions.

Step 2: Choose the post you want to boost.

Step 3: Here you will get the option to choose your ad account.

Step 4: Click on this pencil icon to select the right ad account.

Step 5: Here you can select any ad account.

This is how Instagram promotions should work. But it may not work like this for you and that is the issue.

Let find out the reason behind this issue next.

Causes of Instagram promotion not working in India

The only reason behind Instagram promotions not working is the failure of payment method in India.

RBI (Reserve Bank of India) does not allow banks to have automatic payment and Instagram and Facebook ads accept only automatic payments by default.

That is why people are not able to add India debit cards and credit cards for Instagram promotions.

Sometime Instagram accepts the cards but could not process the payment and then amount stays due and you cannot advertise in the future.

In the next section, I’ll show you how to solve this issue.

How to resolve this issue

Now that you know the reason behind this issue, follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Create a new ad account
    • Get a new business manager is you can’t create a new ad account.
    • Get access to a relatives’ Facebook profile and create a new business manager from their ad account if you cannot create a new business manager.
  2. Convert the account into a manual account. (watch this to learn how: Facebook Payment Not Working in India)
  3. Make sure that you are the admin (or add your relative as an admin) of your Facebook page.
  4. Make sure that you link your Instagram account with a Facebook page

Note: If you have an active ad account and you still can’t make any payment then follow the above steps. If these steps do not work, then you have to close your current account (because it’s an automatic account). Closing the current ad account will give you the option to switch ad accounts.


To summarize, you have to create a new ad and convert it into a manual account to pay for Instagram promotions.

  1. Create a manual payment ad account.
  2. Link Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Make sure that the Owner/Admin of the ad account is an admin of the Facebook Page.
  4. (Optional) Close the automatic account.
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