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TNL Digital Marketing Plan

TNL 360 degree Digital Marketing Plan is a complete digital marketing action plan customized according to your business needs. This plan helps in scaling your business to new heights by attracting your target audience and turning them into your loyal customers.

Attract Your target audience

Social Media​​

Attract your target audience using social media marketing.


Get more traffic by making your website Google-friendly.


Reach out to potential customers through Google ads.

Engage with your visitors

Email Marketing

Build a strong relationship with visitors with email marketing.

Lead Nurturing

Convert cold leads into hot prospects with lead nurturing.

Converstaional Strategy

Give a website visitors a chance to talk to you one on one.

Delight your customers

Customer Marketing

Delight your customers and turn them into your advocates.

Other services

Web re-Design

Use a data-driven approach to redesign your website.

Graphic Design/Branding

Make yourself recognizable by maintaining brand consistency.

Conversion Optimization

Improve your website and get more conversions.

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It’s a 360 degree plan to attract, engage and delight your customers using digital marketing.

This plan includes a lot of services so that you will not just get more traffic but also more customers.

This plan can be customized for startups, small businesses or well established brands.

The process we follow to create and execute this plan can be found here: TNL Digital Marketing Plan.

The cost of this plan depends on the services we provide. Please contact us to get a detailed proposal.

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