Businesses struggle with SEO in India because they don’t have the right strategy. We empathize with these businesses because there are a lot of factors to consider before creating an SEO strategy. For instance, if you write an article describing every technical detail of your product, you will not reach a lot of people because most of them are not searching for it. And, if you write an article on a broad topic, you will again not reach a lot of people because there are a lot of articles already written on that topic. This is a dilemma which every company has to face.

In this post, we will show you how to solve this dilemma and create a successful SEO strategy. Instead of boring you with all the technical aspect of SEO, we will only cover the things you need to know and how they will impact your business.

Check out the image below to understand the different aspects of SEO:

Types of SEO - On-page SEO and Off-page SEO categorised

Throughout this article, we will cover each one these. Finally, in the end, we will show you how 2 companies, Byjus and Vedantu, use SEO to attract their target audience.

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On-page SEO in India


SEO is all about blogging to attract your target audience while taking Google’s algorithm into account.

Blogging is important for SEO because every blog article acts like another page on your website. It gives you another opportunity to rank in Google. So, the more quality articles you have, the easier it is to rank in Google. For instance, Dabur, an FMCG company, has 5000 pages on their website while its competitor Himalaya has only 1300 pages. As a result, our data shows that Dabur is twice as likely to show up on Google compared to Himalaya.

To write quality blog articles consider the following factors:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the problems they are facing?
  • How are you going to solve them?

Site Structure

Now that you know the importance of blogging, you might think of writing a blog article as soon as you can. But there are 500 million blogs already on the internet. So, why should your article rank higher on Google?

To answer that question we need to find out what Google wants.

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information. So, blog articles must be written in a structured format. This makes site structure very important to Google

Apart from this, a good site structure also helps visitors to navigate through the site easily. For instance, Amazon India has 30 million products listed on their website. The following image shows that Amazon has done a great job in organizing their products to help visitors.

Amazon's Excellent Site Structure for SEO showing all products divided into categories

You should also divide your website into categories to help visitors get the information they are looking for. For instance, if you have a travel agency and you want to promote your holiday packages using SEO in India, then you can create a site structure like this:

A possible site structure for a travel agency for SEO

Or like this:

These are the topics you should write to attract our target audience.


UX stands for user experience. It’s a process of making your website user-friendly. In other words, UX helps users get where they want on your website. If you make it difficult to navigate, users will most likely leave your website. Google will take a note of these activities and might decrease your ranking. On the other hand, if you manage to keep users on the website they will know more about you or may start a conversation with you.

You have already seen the impact of site structure in improving the user experience. Now let’s look at some other ways to do the same.

  • Use an appropriate call to action (CTA) buttons at the right places.
  • Use images wisely
  • Resolve errors ( like 404 errors)
  • Make your website mobile-friendly and
  • Optimize your website speed.

Off-page SEO in India

Keyword Research

We have already selected the topics while deciding the site structure of your imaginary travel agency. But before you start writing, figure out the search volume of these topics. Because there is no point in creating awesome content which no one is searching for.

You can go to to find the search volume of any keywords like this:

Keyword Overview of

In this image, you can see that 14,800 searches are happening monthly for the keywords “Holiday Packages”.

Let’s do keyword research for your Travel agency.

We decided that we want to create webpages on the following topics:

  • Holiday Packages in East
  • Holiday Packages in West
  • Holiday Packages in North
  • Holiday Packages in South


  • Holiday Packages in Maharashtra
  • Holiday Packages in Tamil Nadu
  • Holiday Packages in Uttar Pradesh, and so on…

Now, let’s look at some of the high volume keywords in tour and travel industry.

11 Keywords listed for

You can observe that people are not searching for topics we are planning to write. So, we have to make some changes in our site structure to include these keywords.

We will replace the regions like North, south, east and west or states like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu with the name of cities. Check out the updated site structure below.

A possible site structure for travel agency' s SEO

Thus, we have added pages on our websites which have the potential to rank in Google. Without this step, you would have written content on the previous topics and might not have gotten any traffic. That is why keyword research is important.

Competitive analysis

People consume a variety of content on social media, so you can create content as you like. But people only search for a few keywords on Google. This makes Google a very competitive platform.

To understand more about the competition you need to find the SEO difficulty for your keywords. It’s an indication of the number of websites competing for the same keywords. You can once again go to to find out the difficulty of each keyword.

Let’s add another column in our table to include SEO difficulty.

Search Volume and SEO Difficulty listed for

From this data, we can observe that it is difficult to rank for the keyword “Holiday Package”. So, let’s update our site structure and replace “Holiday Packages” with “Holiday Packages within India”.

A possible site structure listed for

Thus, we have an SEO strategy with popular topics which are not too competitive. Now let’s discuss one more tactic to improve your rank in Google.

Link Building

When a website has a link which takes users to your website, it’s a backlink for you. You can check the number of backlinks to a website from Did you saw what I did there? I just gave a backlink to Neil Patel.

Domain Overview of for SEO

The more backlinks you have the better it is for your SEO.

Indian SEO Example: Byjus vs Vedantu

To understand more about SEO, let’s compare the SEO of two companies: Byjus and Vedantu. is a 7-year old website while is 9 years old. Both are operating (nationally) in Ed-tech industry and get most of their revenue by selling educational courses to school-going students.

Getting traffic is important for both of them. So, to attract their target audience they publish educational content on their website. To see who is doing SEO better, let us show you some data we got from

Domain Overview of

Domain overview of for SEO strategy analysis

Domain Overview of

Domain Overview of for SEO strategy analysis

Let’s summarize our data in the following points:

  • Byjus has 70K pages on their website while Vedantu has only 10K pages. So, Byjus has 7 times more content compared to Vedantu.
  • The former is ranking for 540K keywords while the latter is ranking for only 240K keywords. As a result, if someone searches for a keyword on Google, Byjus is twice as likely to show up compared to Vedantu.
  • Byjus has 1400K backlinks while Vedantu has only 9K backlinks. So, there are a lot of websites pointing to Byjus, thus making it an important website in Google’s eyes.

Byjus is certainly doing SEO better than Vedantu and should be getting more traffic. However, it is getting only 4 million visitors per month while Vedantu is getting 7 million. That is quite shocking and completely opposite of what we discussed above.

To understand what’s going on here we have to dig a little deeper.

We know that Byjus is ranking for 540K keywords. Let’s see the ranking distribution of these keywords with the help of the following data:

SEO keyword ranking of

So, Byjus is ranking in the top 3 results for only 38 K keywords (on October 2019).

Now, let’s see the ranking distribution of Vedantu’s 242K keywords.

SEO keyword ranking for

Vedantu is ranking in the top 3 for 58K keywords, which is a lot more than Byjus.

This is the reason behind Vedantu getting more traffic.

Byjus is doing SEO without having any strategy in mind. This might have cost a lot to them since they have created a lot of content and still not getting enough traffic.


We hope that you find this article helpful in creating a simple SEO strategy. If you find something wrong in this strategy, please let us know in the comments.

Search engine optimization is just a part of the overall digital marketing strategy. If you want to learn about complete digital marketing strategy please read this blog post: Digital Marketing in India: Strategies and Tactics.

Also, if you would like to collaborate with us for anything at all, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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