If you are reading this article, you must be generating leads on Facebook or Google, and you must be wondering how to convert these leads into customers.

Real estate agents and real estate business owners are the ones who struggle the most with this issue. Apart from them, B2B businesses and other high-ticket product-based businesses also face the same problem.

In this article, I will give you a fantastic method to nurture your leads and convert them into customers. Also, this method is entirely free so that you can try it without a second thought.

To execute this method, I’ll show you how to use two free lead nurturing tools.

You can watch this article in video format here:

Free Lead Nurturing Tool #1. CRM

You may be getting leads from many places like Facebook ads, Google ads, Websites, or through word of mouth.

It isn’t easy to collect all these leads in one place and take regular follow ups if you do not have a dedicated system of lead nurturing.

This is where CRM (Customer relationship Management) software comes into the picture. With CRM, you can collect all your leads store information about them in one place.

CRM gets connected with all social media platforms, so as soon as your prospects fill your form, it will show up in your CRM.

So you can contact your leads as soon as possible. Your prospects may forget about you or your products, or they may change their mind without this.

These CRMs cost a lot, but since I have promised you a free lead nurturing tool, I recommend using Hubspot CRM.

On this CRM, you can store unlimited contacts for as long as you want. It also integrates with all the popular online channels like Facebook ads and Google ads. So, you can contact your leads as soon as possible.

Enough talk.

Now, I’ll show you how easy it is to work with Hubspot.

Watch this:

Here you can see that I have two apps installed on my phone. The first one is the Hubspot app, and the second one is the Facebook ads application.

First, I’ll open the Facebook ads app to show you one of my lead generation campaigns.

You can see the first campaign, which says “4 On-Facebook leads”, and 5.52 rupees per On-Facebook lead.

So, here I have generated four leads using Facebook ads.

Now, I’ll go to the Hubspot app to show you how to contact these leads.

Here you can see four leads or contacts. Once you have these contacts in Hubspot, you can open them to get more information about them, call them, email them, or SMS them. Notice that you can do all this without saving the contacts individually on your mobile phone.

For instance, once you click on the call icon, you can call them without saving their mobile number.

After the call, you can add more information about how the conversation went, or you can add a task/reminder to take a follow-up from them.

So that’s how you can nurture your leads using Hubspot.

You can find the link to Hubspot CRM in the description.

I have also added a link to Hubspot CRM’s free course so you can learn more about it.

Free Lead Nurturing Tool #2. Email Marketing

If you’ve worked in sales, you’ll understand that customers do not get converted on the first call most of the time, so we have to be in touch with them if they want our services later.

This is where email-marketing tools come in.

Email marketing tools let you send automated emails at regular intervals to be in touch with your leads. If you keep sending meaningful emails to your leads long after you first contact them, then they’ll remember you and will reach out to you whenever they are ready to buy your products or services.

To send these automated emails, I recommend that you use SendInBlue.

You can store unlimited contacts in SendinBlue, and you can send 300 emails every day free of cost, which is enough to get you started. If you want more emails, you can get it for a little extra cost.

The feature that differentiates SendinBlue from other email marketing tools is its free automation feature, which lets you send automated emails to your leads.

It also gets connected to Hubspot to sync all the leads from there.

Another fantastic feature of Sendinblue is automated SMS.

With this feature, you can combine your automated emails with automated SMS. For instance, if you see that your leads are not opening your emails, you can start sending automated text messages to those leads.

Final word

In conclusion, I would say that if you use a CRM and an email marketing tool together, you can convert more leads into customers. With this setup, your ads will keep running on social media platforms, and you will keep getting contacts on your CRM so you can call them immediately, and these leads will get regular emails and text messages from you as well.

By the way, this is not the only way to nurture your leads. Some businesses do email marketing first and then generate leads through emails. For instance, IT companies offer free e-books and whitepapers on emails and then promote their products and services to generate leads through follow-up emails.

So, you can play around with these tools to build your system to nurture your leads.

I hope you find this article helpful.

If you have any other questions, you can leave a comment. I’ll reply there itself.

Thank you for reading!

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