Digital Marketing in India is the key to business growth. Unfortunately, marketers are still using the traditional approach to digital marketing. It involves reaching out to people to sell your products. It gives instant results but fails in providing long term growth.

On the other hand, the right approach to marketing (called inbound marketing) involves creating helpful content to attract potential customers instead of vying for their attention. It is divided into 3 stages: Attract, engage and delight.

3 stages of digital marketing strategy - Attract, Enage & Delight

In this post, you will get to know more about how to make a digital marketing strategy with this approach and how use the tactics to apply it for your business.

3 stages of digital marketing strategy (attract, engage & delight) along with tactics

In this post, we will cover:

Attract (Attract your target audience)

Attract stage highlighted in 3 stages of digital marketing strategy

To attract your target audience, you have to step into the shoes of your buyers. Try to understand the journey they go through. Think in terms of where they get their information from, which social media platforms they use, or what keywords they type in Google. Then, create useful content for those platforms. For instance, create informational blog articles or social media posts that your audience loves to read.

In conclusion, this stage is all about attracting customers by creating content which your audience loves.

You need the following three tactics to attract your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

One of the differences between traditional platforms and digital platforms is that unlike traditional platforms, digital platforms care about their users. So, if you do not create engaging content, digital platforms will punish you by limiting your reach or increasing your advertising cost. On the other hand, high quality content can drive more engagement than you can ever imagine.

So, Social media marketing involves creating the right content for the right platform which your audience finds interesting.

For instance, checkout Fevicol’s Facebook post:

A nostalgic Fevicol's Facebook post congratulating Doordarshan on completing 60 years.

Even if it doesn’t involve a company’s product, the audience found it meaningful (Check out more fevicol’s posts here: Fevicol’s Facebok Page)

Learn more about social media marketing here: Social Media marketing in India: Strategy and Tactics.

Search Engine Marketing

Apart from social media platforms, search engines like Google and Bing can also be used for digital marketing in India. For instance, Google ads can help you reach to the top of search results. You can use these ads for specific keywords. These keywords are carefully selected words which your target audience searches on Google. For instance, if you are a shoe company, you can run ads for keywords such as “buy shoes”.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition for these keywords. Because every shoe company in the country wants to get to the top. As a result, these ads are expensive.

But, there is another way to get your website to the top without spending any money on advertising. You can get to the top by making your website and its content Google friendly.

The process of making your website Google friendly is called search engine optimization which is discussed next.

Also, if you want to learn more about Search engine marketing click here: Search Engine Marketing in India: Strategy and Tactics.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aims to improve the overall user experience through content and site structure. Doing this will automatically rank you higher since it aligns with Google’s mission.

SEO is a long-term strategy since it takes a lot of time. But, once it is done, you will get regular traffic free of cost.

Thus, SEO is a good strategy to get your content in front of the people who needs your help.

To learn more about SEO in India click here: SEO in India: Strategy and Tactics.

Engage (Engage with your visitors)

Engage stage highlighted in 3 stages of digital marketing strategy

Not everyone in your target audience will be attracted towards your business. But, those who are attracted will visit your website. Thus, a part of your target audience will be converted into website visitors.

If your visitors are looking for a one to one conversation with your team, add a live chat on your website. Or, collect their contact information through a form and contact them as soon as possible.

If they are not ready for a one to one conversation, have more website pages with helpful content. This way your visitors will get to learn more.

Also, start collecting details about your visitors. This will help you in creating a more personalized experience for them.

In conclusion, engage phase is all about making sure that your visitors are comfortable in talking to you or to get to know more about you. It starts with some of your target audience becoming website visitors and ends with visitors becoming loyal customers.

You need the following three tactics to engage with your visitors.

Conversational Strategy

To have a one to one conversation with your visitors you have to choose the right mode of communication. You can use a ChatBot, Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, or Whatsapp messenger.

Choose a messenger your visitors are most comfortable with. However, your conversation strategy should also fit your comfort. For instance, if you have a small team and your team can’t be online most of the time, then you can drop the option of live chating from your strategy. 

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing involves two steps. First, find where your customers are in the buyers’ journey. For instance, if you own a pet food store and some of your visitors are reading a blog about dog food, you can ask for their email address in exchange of more info to be delivered.

Next, give a personalized experience for your visitors using the collected data. For instance, you can add the above visitors to an email list catering to dog food lovers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best tactic to create a personalized experience for your customers. To clarify, you can design emails for your visitors based on their interests. For example, if one of your visitors opens your email which describes more about cat food, add this visitor to your email list which caters to cat food lovers.

Delight (Delight your customers)

Delight stage highlighted in 3 stages of digital marketing strategy

If you have successfully attracted and engaged with your audience, you have done a great job. And you might have converted some of them into customers. But your job is not complete. In delight stage, you have to create a positive experience for your customers. It will help you in retaining customers and developing them into advocates

Unfortunately, ‘Delight’ is the most ignore stage in business. Yet, it is the most important. Delighting your customers makes your company customer-centric. And, the business which focuses on serving their customer is the one which sustains over a long time.

You need the following tactic to delight your customers.

Customer Marketing

Once your website visitors are converted into customers, you can’t use the same content as you did in attract stage. Customers are different from your target audience. They no longer have the problems your visitors are facing.

To serve your customers, you have to redo all the tasks you did in all three stages. But this time your customers will be your target audience.

  • Create content which specifically caters to them in attract stage. For instance, you can create user manuals for your products, or create guides to help them with internal processes of your business (only for service based business).
  • Listen to their problems in engage stage. For instance, you can also ask them if they are facing any other issues. Or you can get their feedback to improve your overall marketing efforts.
  • Solve their problems to the best of your abilities in delight stage.

Now that you have been such a reliable source of information for them, they are likely to recommend you to others. And, soon you will not be the only one promoting your business. Every single customer will be your promoter.

Thus, customer marketing helps you in retaining customers and developing them into advocates

Other Tactics for Digital Marketing in India

Apart from the tactics discussed above, digital marketing needs two more tactics to serve customers better. These tactics should be used in all three stages above.

Conversion Optimization:

Conversion optimization (or conversion rate optimization) involves finding the reasons behind your audience not advancing to the next stage of the buyer’s journey. There are two ways this task could be accomplished.

The first method involves understanding user behaviour on your website. Then, improving the user experience of the website based on the data gathered.

The second method is to reduce the resistance in visitors’ mind by giving offers and discounts or by making your product/services more valuable.

If you keep on improving your conversion rate, you do not have to create more content to attract more people. Thus, conversion optimization reduces customer acquisition cost and increases ROI.

Branding (Graphic designing):

Every company has a logo with unique fonts and colours. For instance, Coca-Cola uses only red colour, McDonald’s uses yellow, and Facebook uses blue.

Everyone recognises these companies with these colours. This isn’t by accident. They use the same colours and fonts in every piece of content, from TV ads to social media posts to webpages. Maintaining consistency in content helps in increasing brand awareness.

Also, these are some of the brands with highest profit margins. This also isn’t by accident. Statistically speaking, 26% of people are more likely to buy from a brand with recognizable content.

Thus, branding is necessary in creating brand awareness and ultimately building a brand.


In conclusion, these 3 stages will take your company to the next level of success. If you haven’t starting with these, I suggest that you start doing it as soon as possible. It looks like a daunting task at first, but it gets easier as you move forward. Remember, it’s never too late to start.

Also, it might happen that your marketing strategies will fail. But, I am sure that the only thing you’ll regret is “not trying”.

Lastly, it takes a lot of patience to apply these tactics. It’s not the same as sales. It is a long term strategy.

Thank you for reading.

We have tried our best to help you with digital marketing in India. But, we can be wrong. If you find something contradictory, please let us know in the comments.

Also, if you would like to collaborate for anything at all, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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