Let’s get this straight. You are here because you want to grow your business.

And you are on the right track. Once you have a flourishing business, you will get more cash to invest in future growth, like building another hotel or buying more assets.

To grow your business, you’ll need more bookings, and you’ll need better margins.

To get more bookings, you need more customers to visit your website. So, you have to attract people to your site.

Also, while trying to attract people to your website, you don’t have to target everyone. Target people you would like to serve, target hotel fanatics, and target customers would love your hotel. Focusing on such people would help you in getting more customers through referrals.

To summarize, if you want to grow your business, you should aim at getting more bookings. To get more reservations, you need more website visitors, and to get more visitors, you have to attract your target audience.

Now that we are on the same page, I’ll show you how you can do that. Whether you are a new hotelier or a veteran, whether you are an affordable hotel owner or a luxury hotel owner, I’ll show you how to get more bookings.

In this article, I’ll first talk about online travel agents, and then I’ll show you all the digital marketing tactics like Google ads, Facebook ads, retargeting ads, and much more. 

If you want to know more about these tactics, I recommend that you watch my free course on digital marketing for hotels. I have attached the introduction video of the course below.

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Let’s get started.

#1. Use OTAs to get more booking if you are a new hotelier

Product-based startups that don’t have an e-commerce website uses Amazon and Service-based startups that don’t have a website use websites like Upwork and freelancer. So, it makes sense for a new hotelier to use online travel agents (OTAs) like Oyo and Trivago.

Most hoteliers won’t agree with this advice because it makes hotel owners dependent on these platforms, but it may prove beneficial if you are a new hotelier.

OTA’s can give you a ton of bookings without you having to promote your business.

So, optimize your listing on these platforms by adding more images and videos of your hotel.

#2. Differentiate your hotel from others

Most mature hoteliers have their website to promote their hotels. They try to build a brand and are not dependent on OTAs.

Once you have a well-established hotel, you also have to switch from using OTAs to promoting your business through a website.

The problem with OTAs is that they charge massive commissions. So you can’t expect better margins from them.

Moreover, OTAs are very competitive, and you will find yourself continually competing with other hotels. Most people filter hotels based on price and choose the cheapest one without caring about customer service and customer experience.

So, if you take bookings from OTAs, you will start taking service for granted, which will further destroy your reputation.

That is why hoteliers who become too dependent on OTAs ignore their businesses. Their customers don’t even remember the name of their hotels. I have heard people calling them “Oyo rooms.”

This is how your hotel loses its identity.

So, you either die trying to build a brand or live long enough to become someone else’s brand.

#3. Use Facebook ads to get more booking

Now that you are ready to promote your business, I’ll share the first tactic to attract your target audience and get more bookings. This tactic is to use Facebook ads.

Let me show you how.

Facebook has a ton of data about people and their behavior. Facebook’s algorithm can identify people who are interested in hotels.

They get this data from people who are planning a trip. These people check out the website and social media pages of hotels to book a room at their destinations.

Facebook’s pixel, which hotel owners have installed on their website, is their most significant data sources. Look at one such pixel found on Tajhotels.com below.

This is precisely the audience you want to target, and its possible only with Facebook ads.  

You can even target people who are visiting your city and frequent travelers like this:

#4. Use Google ads to get more visitors

While traveling to a new town and looking for a hotel, people go to Google and use keywords like “Hotels in Pune” or “Hotels in India,” and Google shows results like this:

When people click on “view all results,” Google takes them to Google Hotels.

Here you can use Google ads to get to the top as highlighted in the image below:

You can target people looking for Hotels in your city by targeting keywords like “Hotels in *your city*.” These ads are very useful in getting more bookings because people who click on these ads are interested in your hotel and are okay with the price.

Of all the tactics used for digital marketing for hotels, Google ads are your best bet.

#5. Do local search engine optimization (SEO) and online reputation management.

Apart from using paid ads, you should also optimize your website to rank high in search results whenever people are looking for your hotel.

Also, optimize all the listings on all the platforms by adding better images and videos. Try to differentiate yourself from other hotels by sharing your stories.

Reviews and ratings matter on all of these platforms. So make sure that customers are happy with your service and give good grades to you. Moreover, don’t ignore negative feedback from customers. Reply to this feedback explaining that you understand the problem and are trying to resolve the issue.

So, don’t be like this:

Be like this:

#6. Retargeting lost website visitors

After visiting your website through ads, people may not book the room. So, you have to retarget these people.

You can retarget them on both Facebook and Google.

Facebook allows you to create and maintain a hotel catalog. Through this catalog, you can retarget people who have shown interest in a specific hotel.

Similarly, you can retarget people who have shown interest in your Google hotels listing to get more bookings from Google ads.

These ads always give better results than usual ads. That is why they are a crucial part of digital marketing for hotels.


In this article, I have given you the right strategy, along with five tactics to grow your business.

  1. Online travel agents
  2. Facebook ads
  3. Google ads
  4. Retargeting and
  5. SEO

I hope you find these strategies and tactics useful. If you are looking for digital marketing for hotels, feel free to reach out to us here: tnldigital.com/services.

Thanks for reading!

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