If you plan to run Facebook brand awareness ads in India, you must be wondering what it will cost you.

In this article, I’ll show you how it is measured, and then I will tell you how much it’s going to cost you.

Then I’ll give you some tips to reduce this cost. Finally, in the end, I’ll give you an alternative to Facebook brand awareness ads.

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How is Brand awareness measured?

Advertisers measure brand awareness in terms of Estimate Ad Recall Lift (EARL). It shows how many people will remember the ad if asked within two days.

For instance, if you get an EARL of two people after showing your ad to 100 people, it means that two people will remember your ad.

But how does Facebook know that these two people will remember the ad?

Facebook conducts regular polls to find it. Here is an image of such a poll:

Facebook’s poll to find estimated ad recall lift (EARL)

This is how Facebook calculates EARL.

Cost of Facebook brand awareness ads.

Now coming to the main question: What is the cost of brand awareness ads in India? Or what is the cost per estimated ad recall lift (EARL)?

Your cost per EARL can be anything, but it should not exceed ₹1/ ad recall lift.

If it costs you more than that, then it means there is something wrong with your ad copy or targeting.

How to reduce cost per EARL

Let me give you a few tips to reduce the cost per EARL.

  1. Make a memorable image. Do something out of the box to get people’s attention.
  2. Do not use any links in the ad copy. It can increase the cost per EARL.
  3. Do not ask people to do anything for you. Do not even ask them to like or comment.
  4. Tell the story of your business, why you started it, what your business is trying to achieve, and how it will help other people.
  5. Target an audience who might be interested in your product. Try to target people who are similar to your ideal customers.
  6. Target your closest competitors. Facebook gives a feature to target other popular Facebook pages. Use it wisely.
  7. Cost per EARL may change after Facebook has shown your ad to most of your audience. So, keep on changing the ad after some time. I recommended changing the ad after getting a frequency of 2.0.
Facebook brand awareness ad campaign results (datewise breakdown)

The problem with Facebook brand awareness ads

Results from Facebook brand awareness ads may look good, but I think brand awareness ads are a complete waste of money for three reasons:

  1. There is no correlation between brand awareness and sales. People will remember you after doing brand awareness ad, but they may remember you for the wrong reasons or might not buy from you.
  2. People usually come to Facebook to see what their friends are doing. A branded ad would be out of place.
  3. Most Indians don’t consider Facebook as a trusted source of information. That is why it isn’t easy to earn people’s trust with Brand awareness ad.

A better alternative: post engagement ads

To clarify, I am not against brand awareness ads. I am just against using Facebook to create brand awareness.

Traditional platforms like TV ads and newspaper ads are better for creating brand awareness. That is why you see so many FMCG companies are using TV and newspaper ads and not Facebook ads.

So, for now, I was hoping you could stay away from Facebook’s brand awareness ads.

I have seen that people usually use these ads because they are cheap. But let me give you a better alternative: Post Engagement ads.

With Post Engagement ads, you will reach out to the same number of people, and you can retarget them later.

Brand awareness ad vs. Post engagement ad results

So after using the Post engagement ad, you reach out only to the people who engaged with your ad.

I hope you find this article helpful.

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